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London’s digital creative sector is booming, and has approximately 500 open job positions. London Tech Jobs gives access to companies and their job postings, as well as community resources within London’s growing digital creative sector. 

Click on the company links below to view currently open positions. Contact us to have your company's job position posted on this page. 

  • Start Here in London, Canada
    Start Here
    in London, Canada
  • This morning in London, Canada
    This Morning
    in London, Canada
  • Today Tonight in London, Canada
    Today Tonight
    in London, Canada
  • Tomorrow in London, Canada
    in London, Canada


  • Privacy and the Driverless Car
  • Go Open Data Conference 2017
  • Deloitte's TMT Predictions 2017

Get Involved

London’s tech community connects at monthly Geek Dinners, UnLondon's 121 Studios and UnLab makerspace, plus many more events and programs. It’s easy to meet peers and build your social and professional network in London.

  • Drupal – London Group

    This site serves the Drupal community by providing a place for groups to organize, plan and work on projects. Real world local user groups (sometimes called meetups) and regional Drupalcamps in particular are encouraged to setup their online presence here.

  • Game Dev Meet Up

    The Game Dev Meet Up is an event tailored to London game creators and developers. It occurs once a month, typically on the first Wednesday at a local sports bar. The goal of the event is to create a casual environment for our gaming community to interact and meet other local development companies and contributors.

  • Women in Communications & Technology

    WCT #LDNont chapter is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and celebration of women in leadership roles. They strive to facilitate leadership and skills development, mentorship, recognition and advocacy for women in the fields of communications and technology.

  • London .NET Developers

    London .NET Developers meets regularly to explore the use of .NET for building mobile to web applications or just for fun of coding. Our goal is to create a great social group in the London and surrounding area where everyone can come share and learn from each other. 

  • Ladies Learning Code

    Ladies Learning Code brings women and men together to learn beginner-friendly coding skills in a social, collaborative environment. The woman-run not-for-profit is community-driven and focuses on hands-on, project-based learning with industry-leading professionals.

  • Front-End Devs

    London, Ontario Front-end Developer Meetup

  • Geek Dinner

    If you have a blog, podcast, or anything else involved with the Internets Geek Dinner is the group for you. Even if you don’t but are curious about getting your feet wet in the social media community this if for you too. We’re more then happy to answer questions and help you get started.

  • MVP Lab

    The MVP Lab provides entrepreneurs with the workspace and resources they need to develop their ideas into a minimum viable product. Companies using the MVP Lab can collaborate, at no cost, with freelance designers and developers to create prototypes or mockups of their product, which can then be used to pitch to potential investors or customers.

  • London Bridge Network

    The Bridge Between Business and Technology - The old is new again. From the smouldering ashes that was once the Internetworking Group, springs a new, revitalized group looking to strengthen and build the strong relationships needed between technology and business in the city of London.

  • Ladies that UX - London, Ontario Chapter

    The Ladies that UX, London Ontario chapter is a group that aims to build a positive space for woman in the UX community to share, collaborate and build their UX skills. We’re a friendly and informal group that aims to foster an atmosphere of learning, mentorship and support.

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