DC519 - James Smith, Business Developer, Consys Group Inc.

At our inagural Digital Creative 519 Conference (DC519), we asked local business representatives about scaling up.

James Smith is a business development and IT expert at Consys Group. Hear how Consys Group is scaling up. in this video from our DC519 conference.


"My name is James Smith and I'm with Consys Group. I'm one of the people there leading in business development. We are a locally based, IT solution provider specializing in managed services for IT infrastructure. We also do things such as surveillance cameras and digital signage, right across to cabling. We specialize in cyber security and we certainly have been at this for quite a while with people from around our local community.

I am a business development executive with the firm, but I'm also involved with helping define our culture, involved in a lot of local networking because I absolutely love doing that, and so what the idea is to help create brand awareness as well in our city.

I think a lot of this stems from the fact we've been busy building a really rock-solid MSP platform for managed services, but what we haven't done is an awful lot of engagement in the community, and I'm very much into community engagement. I'm relatively new with the company and so one of the things I'm going to do is help to create that. LEDC knows me well, I know Duncan the speaker and Chris of course with Deloitte, so I think a lot of that's going to be 'Hey here's who we are, this is what we're about, and the value that we bring to the community.'

About 4 years ago when I really started engaging with it I found it to be incredibly rewarding. I am a big fan of inspiring other people and making them feel amazing, but the truth is that we have so many incredible people that if we don't have active engagement with our community, it's hard to know that these people exist and learn from them, learn about them, and find out ways that we can work together."

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