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Who's Hiring

London’s digital creative sector is booming, and has approximately 500 open job positions. London Tech Jobs gives access to companies and their job postings, as well as community resources within London’s growing digital creative sector. 

Click on the company links below to view currently open positions. Contact us to have your company's job position posted on this page. 


  • Western Computer Science Breakfast 2017
  • Online Gold Mine
  • Fanshawe College Virtual Career and Job Fair 2017

Get Involved

London’s tech community connects at monthly Geek Dinners, UnLondon's 121 Studios and UnLab makerspace, plus many more events and programs. It’s easy to meet peers and build your social and professional network in London.

  • London Bridge Network
  • London .NET Developers
  • Front-End Devs
  • MVP Lab
  • Drupal – London Group
  • Ladies that UX - London, Ontario Chapter
  • Ladies Learning Code
  • Women in Communications & Technology
  • Geek Dinner
  • Game Dev Meet Up

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