From digital interactive media development at Digital Extremes, Big Blue Bubble and Big Viking Games, to software for financial services and human resources management, London is an area of diverse technology.

Sectoral Impact

Industry Highlights

  • London’s Digital Creative sector has been built on innovative local start-up ventures finding a niche market and growing into successful Canadian and global players. Among our many success stories is EK3 which was recently acquired by Cineplex and rebranded Cineplex Digital Networks. EK3 spun out of Western University and carved out a successful digital marketing niche in the narrowcasting space.
  • London has technology companies focused on interactive game development, manufacturing plant floor software, financial services, asset management, content management middleware and the creative content sectors.

London Ontario Digital Creative Sector

  • Infrastructure such as affordable downtown office space (including many heritage buildings), fibre optic coverage, certified data center sites, and great entertainment venues (Budweiser Gardens, Grand Theatre, Orchestra London) are some of the reasons why more tech companies are choosing London.
  • London’s talented digital creative labour force has more than 9,000 employees representing 3 per cent of our total labour force. From computing innovation platforms at Western University, to the new downtown Centre for Digital and Performing Arts with Fanshawe College, our education institutes are committed to excellence in technology training.
  • Western University has programs in Computer Science (including a minor in game development) and Computer and Software Engineering. Fanshawe College has programs in Information Technology (programming and networking) as well as Contemporary Media (digital media, games, 3D animation, web development).

Fanshawe’s new creative arts program is designed to not only enhance students’ artistic abilities, but to augment their professional development within the arts industry.  As well, Fanshawe offers courses ranging from the business side of the arts all the way to web-based publishing and digital photography.  For more information, please visit, Digital and Performance Arts @ Fanshawe

For those who want hands-on experience in production as well as the theoretical background necessary to critically analyze media, Western offers a Media Theory & Production program that teaches students the fundamentals that they will need to pursue a successful career in a media-related field. For more information, please visit, Media Theory & Production @ Western


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London Tech Jobs

London Tech Jobs

Looking for jobs or talent in the tech sector in London? Look no further. Our London Tech Jobs page is dedicated to showcasing open job postings by the most innovative companies in this quickly growing sector.


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