London is increasingly being recognized as one of North America’s prominent hubs for food and beverage processing. From Labatt’s starting a hometown brewery in 1847, to Dr. Oetker opening its first North American frozen pizza plant in 2014, London has had a rich history in agri-food.

Many global food and beverage companies such as Cargill, Nestle, McCormick Canada and Natra have established food and beverage manufacturing facilities in London.

Sectoral Impact

Food Processing

...over 6,000 people employed in the food and beverage processing sector.

Industry Highlights

  • London’s location in the heart of southwestern Ontario provides easy access to Canada’s agricultural farm belt where companies can source a wide variety of raw materials and ingredients
  • Our established food cluster has excellent supply chain support for processors that include temperature controlled and refrigerated logistics providers, equipment maintenance, and food grade packaging suppliers, to name a few
  • A unique fresh water supply system that is certified to meet many elements of HACCP and ISO9001
  • Significant natural gas capacity to serve food companies, as well as high capacity electricity for long-term reliable energy supply
  • Availability of skilled and experienced talent, with more than  6,000 people employed in the food and beverage processing sector
  • Many food industry-specific programs are available at Fanshawe College and Western University
  • Available industrial land and building infrastructure to meet the needs of food and beverage processing companies
  • Many Western Science students have the necessary microbiology, biochemistry and analytical skills to succeed in the Food and Beverage industry. Western's Science Internship Program has over 15 interns currently working in Food and Beverage manufacturing

Brescia University College is well-known for its Foods and Nutrition program that combines courses in Foods and Nutrition, Human Ecology, Sciences, Business and Social Sciences to provide students with a variety of skills and knowledge in this industry. All of this is done in an interactive environment that encourages participation and discussion to stimulate student success. For more information, please visit Food and Nutrition @ Brescia

Fanshawe offers a broad range of programs that provide students with the fundamentals that allow them to pursue careers in the food processing industry. Whether you want to become a Technician in Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning or even study Food and Nutrition Management, Fanshawe has a program to meet your needs.

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