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3M Canada

300 Tartan Drive, London, N5V 4M9 • map
200+ employees Employees in Advanced Manufacturing

Solving tomorrow's problems today, 3M is Canada's problem solving company, capturing the spark of new ideas and transforming them into thousands of ingenious solutions for industries that are important to Canadians. The culture of creative collaboration inspires a never-ending stream of powerful technologies that makes life better. With $30 billion in sales globally, 3M employs about 84,000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 65 countries. Named one of Canadas Top 100 Employers in 2013, 3M Canadas head office and original manufacturing site is in London, Ontario where about half of the companys 1,800 employees work. Other locations include Calgary, Alberta; Milton, Brockville, and Perth, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; and, Morden, Manitoba. For more information, visit www or follow @3M_Canada on Twitter.

Contact Information
Penny Wise
President 3M Canada
(519) 451-2500


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