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Health and Life Sciences

Your health is in good hands in London. Known as the go-to destination for healthcare in Ontario, London’s health sector is advancing human health by leading research, development, and commercialization. 

London’s 100+ companies and hospitals and their 25,000+ employees embrace strengths in biotech / pharma and medical devices. With a complete range of scientific, clinical, testing, and data management services available, London has the leadership, facilities, talent, and capabilities to support start-ups, scale-ups, and mature companies.

London’s many strengths in the health sector are based on a foundation of highly regarded academic and clinical research capabilities, supported by two large research facilities, two teaching hospitals, contract research organizations, and an innovative private sector. As such, London has a rich history of medical firsts, including the discovery of Insulin by Fredrick Banting, and advances in human trials for HIV vaccines.


Proudly Located in London, Ontario


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Why health companies choose London

  • The London, Canada, Life Sciences sector includes biotech/ pharma/ medical devices/ manufacturing/ packaging/ research/ testing/ labs/ digital health.
  • There are financial incentives for targeted job-creating investment projects from the federal and provincial governments that are NOT available in the Toronto area.
  • Fully serviced land for development is available at excellent highway locations and is very inexpensive relative to Toronto. There are no development charges for specific targeted uses (manufacturing, production, etc.).
  • Large university with a medical school, a dental school, a well-regarded business school, a full range of PhD and professional programs.
  • Two teaching hospitals which cover the entire region.
  • Two medical research facilities (2000 researchers) partnered with the hospitals and the University.
  • London’s research excellence includes Musculoskeletal and Brain Health, Bio-Medical Devices and Advanced Simulation, and Bio-Medical Imaging
  • 25,000 people working in the health sector including many HQP from the University and College.
  • Canada's immigration programs offer easy paths for top international talent. London can attract HQP from all over the world.    
  • Our talent is much less expensive than the Toronto area due to an overall lower cost of living and doing business.
  • A large College with R&D capabilities, labs, and health programs graduating nursing, laboratory and clinical trials talent.
  • Clinical Trials companies focused on drugs, GI, medical devices, cannabis, and wellness.
  • Canada's generous R&D and Talent development incentives.

“We’re surrounded by academic and industry experts that can help early-stage biotech companies develop medical products. We are connected to some of the best hospitals and universities in North America”


- Shantal Feltham, Stiris Research

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Success Story: Jones Healthcare Group

Be it a box of candy, a blister pack of cold medicine or a bottle of vitamins, Jones Healthcare Group (formerly Jones Packaging) has found its way into millions of homes worldwide. At some point in our lives, many of us have touched one of their products. Founded in 1882, Jones is a London Ontario success story of generational entrepreneurship, responsive innovation and global leadership.


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