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Advanced Manufacturing

In London we're not just manufacturing the future - companies in our advanced manufacturing sector are revolutionizing the way that essential products are produced by using advanced processes including automation, robotics, and state-of-the-art technologies.

From windows, doors, and countertops, to car components, goalie pads, water treatment technologies and aircraft, made in London products can be found in your homes, cars, and many places around you.

With more than 34,300 employees and 500 companies, the advanced manufacturing sector in London represents approximately 12% of all employment in the region. Defense and composite material-based products are driving growth in this sector, as well as the automotive, transportation, aerospace, sporting goods, and building products industries. Companies within these sectors benefit from London’s ideal location along the 401 highway, which carries $1.5 billion in trade daily and provides access to 150 million consumers within a one day drive.


Proudly Located in London, Ontario


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Why Manufacturers Choose London

  • Shovel-ready, fully serviced industrial lands
  • Within two hours of three major U.S. border crossings - Sarnia / Port Huron, Windsor / Detroit, and Niagara / Buffalo
  • Access to a manufacturing supply chain of 12 Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Tiers 1-3, logistics, distribution, and warehousing
  • Access to the North American railway system through CN and CP rail 
  • Talented workforce specializing in engineering, production, electrical, and quality assurance
  • Connect with 25 research and development institutions 

“A key advantage of being in London is the strong ecosystem of business and suppliers. These local partners in welding, robotics, and shop automation have helped us thrive and grow”


- Robert Monchamp, London Machinery Inc.

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Starlim North America

Success Story: Starlim North America

When Starlim began its search for its North American headquarters, it found that London had everything needed to develop the foundation for the silicone-molding factory. The City had the land to build a plant with the opportunity for expansion, the business infrastructure to support a new business and the ability to train the next generation of technicians in a specialized craft. Part of the factory’s early success came from the unique business network in London. Read more about their latest expansion.


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Jack Adams

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