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Workforce Development

Access one of the largest and highly skilled talent pools in Southwestern Ontario. In addition to our resident talent, thousands of students and newcomers from abroad arrive in London every year. 

Your workforce is key to driving growth, investment, and innovation, and access to highly qualified talent is a top reason businesses choose to expand in London. LEDC provides client companies considering London for their operations or seeking to grow here with the advice and tools essential for success.

Come Grow with us through our workforce services that will:

  • Share labour market conditions including relevant wage rates and labour availability to help make informed decisions about your workforce strategy
  • Coordinate and facilitate with your company a community entry plan and recruitment approach including connecting you to education institutions, employment support agencies, and key contacts in the community
  • Connect you with training programs and professional development opportunities to help develop employees and company capacity
  • Link you with services to attract and hire global talent to fill highly specialized roles.  LEDC is a designated referral partner for Canada's Global Skills Strategy. Please also see the Toolkit: Canadian Employers hiring foreign workers 

  • Share available training and hiring grants 

Recognized as being one of the first economic development agencies in Canada with a workforce development focus, LEDC supports and develops several workforce initiatives in London, including:

Workforce Initiatives in London, Ontario


London Manufacturing JobsLondon Tech JobsLondon Health JobsLondon and Area WorksJob Developer NetworkJob Developer NetworkFanshwaeWestern


  • London Tech Jobs: Join our free London Tech Jobs portal so we can promote your open positions. Jobseekers can use the portal to start discovering who's hiring in these growing sectors
  • London Manufacturing Jobs: Join our free London Manufacturing Jobs portal so we can promote your open positions. Jobseekers can use the portal to start discovering who's hiring in these growing sectors
  • London Health Jobs: Join our free London Health Jobs portal so we can promote your open positions. Jobseekers can use the portal to start discovering who's hiring in these growing sectors
  • London and Area Works: A community initiative to help employers highlight their open positions through a portal, weekly video series, and bi-annual job fairs.
  • Job Developer Network: Job developers from local free non-profit employment organizations  that can help businesses recruit, hire, and seek training supports for current and potential employees.
  • View Current Accelerate Card

Employment Prospects Reports

Four new reports project that close to 40,000 will be needed to address growth, change and retirements in London’s key sectors: Information Technology, Health, Advanced Manufacturing(including Food Processing) and Construction sectors from 2023-2031. These reports identify projected numbers required by occupation, the likely source and mix of talent( new graduates, immigrants, other) and some of the key considerations that require attention in ensuring this supply. This data is helpful for individuals making career choices, program development and a variety of community initiatives among other uses.

These reports were written by Mike Moffatt, Jesse Helmer, and Maryam Hosseini and was commissioned by the London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC). Responsibility for the final product and its conclusions is Smart Prosperity Institute’s alone, and should not be assigned to the reviewers, interviewees, or any external party. They have been made possible by funding granted by the City of London as part of its London Community Recovery Network initiative. Fanshawe College Institutional Research Department provided the Occupational Profiles.

Read Full Reports for Manufacturing, Construction, Health and Information Technology below:

* please review each Sector report for specific details of the Job Openings in that specific Sector for each occupation

Services to Attract Global Talent


  • Hire a temporary foreign worker: Find out if you need a Labour Market Impact Assessment to hire a temporary worker, what work permit program to use, what to do after you hire and how to help your employee extend their work permit.
  • Hire a permanent foreign worker: Hire foreign workers and recent graduates to fill labour or skills shortages. Support an employee in their journey to permanent residence.
  • Services for employers: You can use Canada’s immigration system to attract, hire and retain qualified workers from around the world to support innovation and growth.




“We have access to the brightest minds and skills here in London and it’s across all levels - engineers, designers, project managers, and plant floor technicians. The quality of life and type of work we do makes it easy for us to attract talent from other centres”


- Ron Harris, Jones Healthcare Group


This is how I can help.

Christine Wilton

Christine Wilton

Director, Workforce Development

  • Explore talent attraction opportunities and promote open careers
  • Connect your workforce to training and professional development opportunities
  • Access relevant labour market information and organizations
  • Discover research & scale-up resources
  • Find available grants & incentives 

This is how i can help