What is the LEDC?

The London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) is the lead economic development agency for London, Canada. LEDC works with business, government and community partners to attract business investment, develop a connected and supportive business climate and grow London's talented workforce. 


Delivering Prosperity


Develop sustainable economic advantage through the growth of local business, attraction of new investment and support of an entrepreneurial environment in London. 

What does the LEDC do?

The LEDC provides economic development services including:

  • Attracting new business and foreign direct investment to London
  • Retaining existing business and assisting with local expansions
  • Advocating for improving the business environment in London
  • Providing workforce development leadership to connect businesses with education institutes and employment sector agencies
  • Marketing and promoting London for business opportunities in overseas markets
  • Establishing business support partnerships throughout the community
  • Assisting the City of London in development of strategic plans such as industrial lands strategy
LEDC 2019 Activity Update
LEDC Strategic Plan 2015-2018
LEDC 2016 Activity Update

The Board of Directors

  • Aaron Atcheson

    Aaron Atcheson

    Partner, Miller Thomson LLP

  • Doris Bitz

    Doris Bitz

    President, Retail, Dessert Holdings

  • Stephen Bolton

    Stephen Bolton

    President & CEO, Libro Credit Union

  • Stephanie Ciccarelli

    Stephanie Ciccarelli

    Chief Brand Officer, Voices.com

  • James Crich

    James Crich

    President, Auburn Developments

  • Peter Devlin

    Peter Devlin

    President, Fanshawe College

  • Lisa Harrison

    Lisa Harrison

    Chief Operating & Privacy Officer, Alimentiv Inc.

  • Ed Holder

    Ed Holder

    Mayor, City of London

  • Kapil Lakhotia

    Kapil Lakhotia

    President and CEO, LEDC

  • Andrew Litt

    Andrew Litt

    General Manager, Brose Canada

  • Lynne Livingstone (Advisor)

    Lynne Livingstone (Advisor)

    Deputy City Manager, City of London

  • Gerry Macartney  (Advisor)

    Gerry Macartney (Advisor)

    CEO and General Manager, London Chamber of Commerce

  • Peter Rocca

    Peter Rocca

    Chief Executive Officer, Start.ca

  • Michael Schmalz

    Michael Schmalz

    President, Digital Extremes

  • Dr. Alan Shepard

    Dr. Alan Shepard

    President and Vice Chancellor Western University

  • Cathy Siskind-Kelly

    Cathy Siskind-Kelly

    Co-Owner, Black Fly Beverage Company

  • Lynn Smurthwaite-Murphy

    Lynn Smurthwaite-Murphy

    Former President & CEO, StarTech.com

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