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London can be whoever or wherever you want us to be.  We have streetscapes and architecture that can stand in for many ages and cities around North America. Known as the Forest City London is the 11th largest city in Canada which enables us to host large productions.  Our anchor position in Southwestern Ontario gives us close proximity to rural, agricultural and small townscapes. London has a wide variety of architecture, natural environmental scapes, and unique spaces.  

Why Film in London?

It’s a gorgeous city with all four seasons you can experience year-round. London is near three border crossings and only 2h away from Toronto (200 KM outside of the GTA), which makes it the perfect location to explore different sceneries. Enjoy beautiful sunsets and choose London, Canada as your ultimate film destination spot and we can help connect you to South Western Ontario.

We have resources; London has everything you need to make your production.  Gear, locations, crew, lodging, and resources.   

Still not convinced?

From filming to post-production, London has everything you need.

Location, location, location:

  • 45 min from 2 freshwater lakes featuring fantastic beaches and some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world
  • 470 parks and open spaces 
  • 350 km of scenic paths on our city-wide trail system
  • Over 7 million trees 
  • Boler Mountain ski resort and TreeTop adventure park 
  • Forest City Velodrome (one of three covered velodromes in Canada)
  • Indoor soccer, tennis and other sporting facilities
  • Many settings for period pieces including an amazing Pioneer Village
  • A very modern airport that can stand in for much larger airports around the world
  • Streetscapes that can stand in for  many ages and cities around North America
  • Easy short-term production office rentals
  • Amazing antique shops filled with great props just waiting to be discovered
  • Film Union registered and trained talent



  • Fanshawe College's Film Broadcast and TV program
  • Western University's Media, Information & Technoculture program
  • OIART Music Production program  
  • 15 recording studios

London's Film Business Concierge

We can help! The London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) in partnership with the City of London and Tourism London is pleased to present London’s Film Business Concierge. Our goal is the continued development and enhancement of our city’s film and television industry.  It is our hope that through our support we put London on the map as the preferred industry destination in southwestern Ontario.

We are a no-cost business concierge to help connect your production to the resources you are looking for. We are committed to welcoming you to London as a friendly place to film your next project. 

We’re here to help you connect with the right resources. Visit us at FilmLondon


Proudly Located in London, Ontario


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This is how I can help.

Andrew Dodd

Andrew Dodd

Manager, Film London

Andrew can help your company:

  • Connect your production to London’s resources.
  • Help you find the perfect filming location.
  • Get you started on London’s permitting processes.
  • Help showcase your profile, location, or resource.
  • Assist with promotion of your film, show, or event.

This is how i can help