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Forest City Landing Pad

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Forest City Landing Pad (FC Landing Pad) is a partnership between the London Economic Development Corporation and Pillar Nonprofit Network that operates and manages Innovation Works, a coworking space in London's downtown core.

FC Landing located on the 4th floor of Innovation Works will provide flexible short term work and event space that will encourage community and business growth, collaboration, industry focused events and core revitalization. FC Landing Pad is for businesses operating within:

  • Advanced Manufacturing

  • Food Processing

  • Life Sciences and Health

  • Digital Media & Technology

  • Film

FC Landing is offering space on the 4th floor at Innovation works including: 

  • 14 flex desks 

  • 2 private offices that companies can book for the day or for the week. 

  • Access to Boardrooms or event space 

  • Access to Common amenities like Sidetrack Cafe on the main floor and open kitchen 

  • Access to lounge area on the first floor 



Ways FC Landing supports your company:

There are a number of reasons Companies may be in need of short term workspace.

  • Companies who are exploring London as an opportunity to open their business 
  • Companies who have confirmed they are investing in the city and need a space while they wait for their new location  

  • Local companies who are moving locations, who may need a space for a short term while they wait for their new location 

  • Companies who have remote workers who may want to use the space either for private meetings, team meetings etc.  

  • Remote Entrepreneurs in our sectors who would like a place to go from time to time to connect with industry colleagues at a physical location or work in a new environment outside of their home office. 

  • Organizations looking to host events to build London’s ecosystem and support sector growth. 

  • You are a remote worker who works for a company that falls under our industry sectors who has a remote office in London.


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Brittany Maia

Brittany Maia

Manager, Business Development

  • I can help your business expand in London and find office space
  • Access local talent & training
  • Access local & foreign markets
  • Connect with research & scale-up resources
  • Understand available grants & incentives 

This is how i can help