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Imagine a career that thrives in a city known for its perfect blend of big-city amenities mixed with small-town charm - welcome to London, Ontario! 

Located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, halfway between Toronto and Detroit, London is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities.  Here are a few reasons London is a wonderful city to live, work and play! 

Affordable Living

View of Downtown London

Experience a high quality of life without the high costs. London offers one of the most affordable housing markets in Canada, and a lower cost of living compared to larger cities, ensuring a comfortable lifestyle whether you are single, with a partner or with family. 

Resilient Economy

Covent Garden Market

As a regional centre, London has the full range of employers to support enterprises providing local, national and international products and services. Not reliant on a single major sector, London provides opportunities for those starting their careers as well as for those seeking advancement. 

Natural Beauty and Environmentally Friendly Living Conditions 

Biking in the Park

Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes and surrounded by the Thames River, London is the perfect balance between city and nature.  Nicknamed the Forest City for its more than seven million trees, London offers an abundance of outdoor activities. From serene parks and trails for nature enthusiasts to various recreational facilities, there's always a chance to unwind and reconnect with nature.  

When environmental factors such as air quality, noise pollution, water quality, risk of natural disasters and access to green space are considered, London is independently rated among the very best cities over 100,000 in Canada 

London is within an hour’s drive of the sandy beaches and resort villages on Lake Huron and Lake Erie.  As a four-season Southern Canadian city, we enjoy a temperate climate where we don’t experience big temperature changes, and you can be active outside year-round. 

Family Friendly

Storybook Gardens

London’s safe welcoming neighbourhoods, offering housing options for every budget, make London an ideal place to raise children. Complementing this, London’s educational facilities accommodate children at all levels, and exceptional healthcare services prioritize your family’s well-being. Family-friendly attractions like the children's museum and dedicated festivals create a nurturing environment, making London an ideal choice for families seeking a supportive and vibrant community.  

With commute times averaging between 15-29 minutes, Londoners have more time to enjoy a balanced lifestyle. 

Welcoming Community

Market Lane

London embodies a welcoming mosaic of cultures, where diversity is embraced and celebrated. One in four Londoners have moved here from another country and there are over 170 languages spoken including Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese and French.  

You will find all the amenities important to your life including ethnic grocery stores, cultural associations, support services and places of worship. 

Educational Excellence

Western Football Game

Home to world-class educational institutions, Western University and Fanshawe College, London is brimming with academic opportunities.  Whether pursuing higher education or seeking to expand your skill set, the educational landscape offers the right choice for you and your family 

Culture and Entertainment 

London Knights

London is a vibrant hub of arts, culture, and entertainment, 

From sell-out musical performances at one of our world-class venues, to a diverse culinary scene and a calendar full of festivals and events, London offers many unique activities for you to enjoy. 

London is home to some of Canada’s best semi-professional sports teams including the London Knights hockey team, London Lightning basketball team, and the London Majors baseball team.  


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