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Community Engagement

Get connected with industry leaders, experts, and business professionals and expand your network.

Businesses in London, Canada are doing extraordinary, innovative, and creative things, and at the LEDC we help amplify these positive stories.

LEDC provides marketing and communications support to LEDC clients and collaborates with community organizations to create and support events that help bring London’s growing key sectors together. Some of the ways we help businesses engage and connect with the London community include:

  • Market and promote your business’s to local and national media and audiences
  • Make appropriate business-to-business connections based on industry and need
  • Promote your tech or manufacturing jobs to regional audiences
  • Collaborate with your business or organization on your industry event
  • Connect your business to applicable industry events and networking opportunities 
  • Provide communications support small-and-medium-sized clients who may not have in-house communications and marketing experts
  • Identify local industry associations or advocacy groups relevant to your business

LEDC develops and supports several initiatives and events designed to help businesses engage and connect with the community in London, including:

Manufacturing MattersHoliday Open HouseDigital Creative 519 ConferenceLondon MagazineMade Right Here

  • Industry Networking Opportunities: 
    • Manufacturing Matters: One of the largest gatherings for manufacturers in the southwestern Ontario region, this half-day conference provides key information from industry leaders, keynote speakers, and peer-to-peer networking.
    • Holiday Open House: One of London’s most sought-after events of the year, bringing together 600+ industry leaders from London’s key sectors over made in London refreshments. Hosted in partnership with RBC Place London. 
    • Digital Creative 519 Conference: A new annual LEDC event for the digital media and technology sector, featuring a stellar lineup of speakers who share their journey of product design, acquisitions, and going global.
    • LEDC also collaborates with organizations including The Forest City Film Festival, Deloitte Canada, London Region Manufacturing Council, and London & Area Works partners to deliver industry collision events, networking, and job promotion/exploration opportunities.
  • London Magazine: Over 60,000 copies of LEDC’s London Magazine (now in version three) have been sent to contacts across 170 Canadian cities and 36 different countries. The new magazine features 50+ pages of original content and photography, with stories representing London’s economic sectors. Contact us at the bottom of this page to order your free copies!

  • Made Right Here: A video series developed by CTV London, LEDC, and other regional partners to highlight unique products manufactured in the London region. LEDC often recommends local businesses for CTV to feature in this series. 

“London is a special place with strong cooperation between schools, government, and the business community. You’re never far from a conversation that could spark your next big thing”

- Joel McLean, Info-Tech Research Group


This is how I can help.

Ashley Conyngham

Ashley Conyngham

Director, Marketing and Communications

  • I can share your local business news & events
  • Promote your tech or manufacturing jobs 
  • Collaborate with you on your industry event
  • Help your business reach new audiences
  • Provide communications support for your SME

This is how i can help