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Ag Robotics & Automation Event: The Future is Closer Than You Think.



Ag Robotics & Automation: The Future is Closer Than You Think. Virtual Showcase Presented by RH Accelerator & Haggerty AgRobotics

About this Event

Sharing information on the future of ag robotics & automation using the events platform. This brief web conference will introduce some of the new technologies and innovations that will be tested on a farm near you this year. The seminar will be of interest to all in the agriculture and food sector including farmers, agri business professionals, researchers and investors.

Agenda: (Being Finalized)

1. Opening Welcome: Short overview of exciting emergence of Ag Robotics and automation innovation that is coming to the farm near you.

By Joe Dales, RH Accelerator and Chuck Baresich, Haggerty Ag Robotics Corp.

2. MienTzu Events Platform Introduction - How to Visit the Exhibitors in the Online Meeting Rooms.

3. Welcome from FIRA: Invitation to participate in FIRA April 15 Open Event and Fall 2021 North American Demo Event.

By Maialen Cazenave and Gwendoline Legrand, CoDirectors of the International Forum of the Agriculture Robotics Industry.

4. Ag Robotics Company Showcase Presentations:

* Plans for Raven DOT on the farm this spring

by Chuck Baresich, Haggerty AgRobotics Corp.

* Small Robot Company: Per Plant Farming

by Sam Watson Jones, CoFounder & President of Small Robot Company.

* Introducing RoamIO the robot from Korechi Innovations.

by Sougata Pahari, CEO of Korechi Innovations Inc.

* NAIO Technologies Robots Are Now In North America.

By NAIO Technologies is a French AgTech company that was founded in 2011 by robotic engineers Aymeric Barthes and Gaëtan Séverac. The company is based in Toulouse, France, and designs, manufactures and markets farmbot solutions in close collaboration with farmers. Their weeding robots respect both the environment and man: they provide a solution to tackle farm worker shortage, reduce the strenuous physical workload and limit the use of herbicides.

To date, nearly 150 Naïo robots tackle weeding issues across the world: the Oz robot is designed for small-scale vegetable farms, the Dino robot works in large-scale vegetable fields, and the Ted robot handles weeding in vineyards. At the end of 2019, the Naïo Technologies team counted 60 employees, for a turnover of 2.8 million Euros in 2018.

* Intelliculture Helps Farmers Manage Operational Data Increasing Productivity.

by Cole Powers, CEO of Intelliculture Inc.

* Several AgRobotics manufacturers will be introducing their plans for on farm trials and demonstrations.

Thank you to our event sponsors - AgExpert Software from FCC, A&L Laboratories, Deveron, Rancho Nexo and The Grove at Western Fair.

5. Organizations supporting Ag Robotics Companies

* A series of presentations from research driven organizations that will be sharing brief updates on projects:

* CAAIN's Role in Ag Automation.

by Cornelia Kreplin, CEO of CAAIN - Canadian Agri Food Automation and Intelligence Network .

* Progress Update from EMILI.

By Jacqueline Keena, Executive Director of EMILI – Enterprise Machine Intelligence & Learning Initiative

* Overview of the AreaX.O Ottawa Smart Farm Project.

By Kelly Daize, Director of AreaX.O, Invest Ottawa.

* Presenting the UBC AgroBot Team & Project.

By Seline and Wendie, Student Members of AgroBot team.

* Greenhouse Smart Agriculture Living Lab Project Introduction.

By Lisa Klimstra, Business Engineering Manager

CENGN – Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks

* Update from Vineland Research Automation.

By Hussan Haroum, Director Automation, Vineland Research .

6. RH Accelerator Update: Investing in early stage agri tech companies.

By Brian Foster and David Billson, Co Founders RH Accelerator

7. Closing Comments and Invitation to Network.

By Joe Dales, Co Founder of RH Accelerator and Chuck Baresich, CEO of Haggerty AgRobotics Company.

8. Networking and Virtual Trade Show - visit the company specialists in the individual virtual video break out rooms. Ask questions and connect.

The powerful MienTzu events platform has special features so that conference delegates can connect through video or direct calling to ask questions and get more information.

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