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The Art and Science of Survey Design 2024



Are you looking to design effective surveys that yield accurate and insightful data? Whether you're a researcher, marketer, HR professional, or simply curious about the art of survey creation, this engaging and interactive workshop is for you. 

In this workshop, we will delve into the essential principles and techniques of crafting well-structured, unbiased, and engaging surveys. The workshop combines theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on exercises to equip participants with the skills necessary to design surveys that achieve their intended objectives and deliver reliable, actionable, and valuable results. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your survey-writing expertise, this workshop offers a comprehensive and practical approach to survey design. Unleash the power of surveys and make data-driven decisions with confidence!

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand Survey Fundamentals: Gain a solid understanding of the purpose of surveys, their applications, and the different types of surveys commonly used across various fields.
  • Define Clear Objectives: Learn how to identify the key objectives of a survey and align them with the overall goals of your research or project.
  • Choose the Right Survey Methodology: Explore various survey methodologies, including online surveys, telephone surveys, face-to-face interviews, and more. Understand the pros and cons of each approach and select the most appropriate method for your needs.
  • Design Effective Questions: Master the art of crafting clear, unbiased, and unambiguous questions that elicit valuable responses from your target audience.
  • Questionnaire Structure: Understand the importance of questionnaire structure, question ordering, and logical flow to enhance respondent engagement and survey completion rates.
  • Survey Length and Timing: Discover the ideal survey length and timing for different types of surveys, maximizing response rates and minimizing drop-offs.
  • Visual Design and User Experience: Explore the role of visual design and user experience in survey creation to create aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly surveys.

Anyone interested in designing effective surveys for gathering data and insights, including researchers and data analysts, marketing professionals, human resources and talent management specialists, program managers, and folks who engage the community in designing and building events, programs, and initiatives. 



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Kate Traill is a full-time professor at Fanshawe College in the School of Language and Liberal Studies. She is also the program coordinator of Fanshawe’s post-graduate certificate in Research and Evaluation. In both her personal and professional life, Kate is committed to applied research, community engagement, and volunteer work. Currently, Kate is completing an evaluation and utilization analysis of London’s only “Community Fridge”. She is also collaborating on an analysis of user engagement statistics on iNaturalist following London’s inaugural participation in the City Nature Challenge – an annual global citizen science event that produces open-access datasets relating to local taxa and biodiversity.

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