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Best Practices in Hiring, Managing and Firing Staff Webinar



Have you hired employees? Are you considering hiring in the future? Learn effective tips for managing your employees, from beginning to end!

About this event

Employees are instrumental in maintaining and growing many small businesses. As they are directly involved in your essential day-to-day operations, it's important to pick the right people for your business, manage them to the best of your ability, and ensure all your processes are created mindfully and in accordance with the law.

Lise Maclean of Wiser Workplaces will provide practical advice to small business owners on hiring, managing and firing employees.

Attend this webinar and learn:


  • Knowing when to hire
  • Employees versus contractors
  • Sourcing and selecting candidates
  • Following the law
  • Effective onboarding


  • Avoiding rookie mistakes
  • Managing performance issues and absenteeism
  • Requests for telework/accommodation
  • Motivating and recognizing staff


  • Types of terminations
  • Best practices in terminations

Presented by Lise Maclean of Wiser Workplaces

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