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Building a Reinvention System



Disruption is constant – embrace a reinvention mindset to survive today and thrive tomorrow!

About this event

Here is the reality: surviving disruption is no longer a one-time project. There is no "beginning time" and "ending time" – disruption is constant. Reinvention is a system to help businesses build healthy renewal cycles to ensure current and future viability.

Building a Reinvention System begins with a Reinvention Mindset and Culture. This system is critical to thrive in chaos and achieve the desired performance outcomes in continuous disruption. It is about preparing your business and team, for any change at any time.

Takeaways from this session:

  • Visualize the Reinvention System as a must to thrive in continuous change and achieve the desired business outcomes.
  • Recognize how fast the average life cycle of a company is getting shorter and shorter and how to avoid the natural decline.
  • Envision how to use the "Reinvention System Key" to unlock your company's Reinvention Mindset and Culture.
  • Learn what made the Titanic sink. Not the iceberg! Hear more about the facts.
  • Determine what your company needs to do to avoid the Titanic Syndrome.

Presented by Nurdan Tokoz, a Human Performance Consultant, Chief Reinvention Officer, and Behaviour Change Expert. After studying Industrial Engineering and Adult Education, she worked for several large corporations as a Learning & Development (L&D) professional. Nurdan develops programs and systems to solve human performance issues within organizations. She is fascinated by the science of how our brains learn and the art of transforming information into action.

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