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Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology Food Summit 2023



Welcome to the 2023 Canadian Food Summit! This exciting conference is the perfect opportunity to join the leading minds in the Canadian food industry to explore and discover the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the food sector.

With a diverse range of speakers, breakout sessions, and networking events, the 2023 Canadian Food Summit will offer unparalleled opportunities for attendees to learn, connect, and grow. Whether you are a food industry professional, an academic researcher, or a government policy maker, this conference has something for everyone.

Over the course of the summit, you will have the chance to engage in discussions on topics such as sustainable food production, food safety, nutrition, and food innovation. You will hear from industry leaders and experts in the field, who will share their insights and experiences on the most pressing issues facing the food industry today.

As well as educational sessions, the summit will also offer networking opportunities with fellow attendees, allowing you to forge valuable connections and partnerships within the Canadian food industry. You will have the chance to connect with potential business partners, collaborators, and mentors, as well as make new friends who share your passion for food.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the conversation and drive the future of the Canadian food industry. Register now for the 2023 Canadian Food Summit!

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