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Cash Flow Management Strategies for Small Business


Running a profitable business is important to survival, but it's equally important to have a positive cash flow to pay your expenses and to finance your growth. At this webinar, you'll learn proven cash management strategies and techniques including:

  • The main causes of cash flow problems.
  • The main causes of cash flow problems.
  • Cash flow management tips that you can apply to your business
  • Strategies to keep cash flowing in your business
  • The importance of developing a cash flow forecast and,
  • Simple suggestions to ease cash crunches and improve your daily cash flow.

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Andrew Patricio is the founder and owner of Bizlaunch, a company that trains, advises and mentors entrepreneurs. As an internationally recognized small business expert, he has trained entrepreneurs in Canada and 21 other countries. Andrew understands entrepreneurs because he is an entrepreneur, having started several businesses of his own and has authored two books on small business.

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Ashley Conyngham

Ashley Conyngham

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