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The Conference Board of Canada: Future Skills Centre Virtual Event



Beyond job creation, employment participation, and skills development, we must also consider the quality of the work as a positive contributor to Canada’s future of work.  

Improving the conditions under which people work will benefit all. Low wages, benefits, health and safety, autonomy, voice, security, flexible work, and other factors that have disproportionately affected underserved and marginalized populations can be improved to help employers with the challenge of recruiting, retaining, and growing workers. Positive changes to these components of quality of work (QoW) can also create a stronger, more productive workforce and a flourishing labour market for the future.

What can be done to drive higher-quality work environments? What is the role of employers? What do skills leaders need to know?

What to Expect 

This two-hour virtual event will feature interactive plenary discussions and deep-dive case studies with speakers from various industries, sectors, and geographies who are working to elevate QoW.

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