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Dominate with Digital Advertising


Are you frustrated with no one seeing your posts on Facebook or Instagram? Are you looking for faster social media marketing results to drive more revenue from a promotion or sale?

Facebook & Instagram have tailored their algorithms to your dismay, making it harder for small businesses to get seen. Organic reach and regular content posting are not providing tangible results fast enough. 

Whether you want more website visits, in-store traffic, or online sales, digital advertising on social media can help you with that. However, your campaign success depends on how you create and manage your ads. That is why for this 1-hour session, we will help you learn how to: 

  • Develop effective digital advertising campaigns
  • Convert your online audience into customers
  • Implement email automation to engage ad leads
  • Use your ad results to refine your marketing approach

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to create a strategic marketing plan using digital ads for Facebook/Instagram to increase visibility and conversion!

This is how I can help.

Ashley Conyngham

Ashley Conyngham

Director, Marketing and Communications

  • I can share your local business news & events
  • Promote your tech or manufacturing jobs 
  • Collaborate with you on your industry event
  • Help your business reach new audiences
  • Provide communications support for your SME

This is how i can help