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Employee Attraction & Retention: Tips for Getting and Keeping Talent



OVERVIEW – Trying to find the right people and keep them continues to challenge today’s manufacturing sector.  While the COVID pandemic shuttered some parts of the economy, manufacturers continued to struggle with pre-covid employment issues – mainly hiring people who will continue to show up for work!  The demographic projections do not offer much hope that the situation will get any better soon, as well as increased demands for manufacturing employees as the local sector continues to grow and expand.

In this session, we will share some best practices for ensuring you have a viable workforce who actually likes to come to work day after day.  Sounds easy enough but without a strategy, you may find yourself in constant interview mode with little to no time to focus on operations.

PRESENTER - Terry is the President & CEO of Ahria Consulting, a regional talent management and human resources consulting firm based in London, Ontario, Canada.  He has grown Ahria Consulting to be the “go to” consultancy for people solutions in the workplace.  Terry also currently serves as Chair of the Board of Managers for Career Partners International, the world’s largest independent talent management consultancy.

Terry has over 25 years of experience attracting, retaining, managing, and transitioning people in organizations.  He holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, a Master of Applied Science in Organizational Psychology and an MBA where he focused on organizational behaviour and design, industrial relations, and strategic management.  He is also a certified professional coach. Terry’s passion is to make the world’s workforce the best it can be – one organization at a time – by increasing employee engagement, developing better leaders, and improving company culture.  You can check out Terry’s latest thoughts in his book “Desuckify Work” published in January 2021.

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