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Evolving your workplace today for the workforce of tomorrow



A recent study conducted by EY found 9 out of 10 employees want flexibility where and when they work, and a majority (54%) are willing to quit if these needs aren’t met. It’s now critical to plan your future of work strategy and learn how to manage the dynamics between your workplace and workforce.

Is your business ready to evolve? Join us on June 28 at 1 p.m. EDT for a panel discussion as we explore the key considerations when addressing your new future of work strategy, including:

  • The intersection between workplace and workforce
  • Building a culture of innovation and engagement
  • Leveraging and adopting technology to drive collaboration
  • Workspace configuration best practices


  • Jeffrey Wood, Partner, Transaction Real Estate, EY
  • Evgeniy Panasiouk, Americas Workplace Reimagined Solution Leader, EY
  • John Peets, VP, Head of Office Leasing, Oxford Properties Group
  • Julie Moore, Designer, Connect Resource Managers and Planners Inc.
  • David Saunders, President, Connect Resource Managers and Planners Inc.
  • Sherry Munawar, Head of Global Transactions and Strategic Initiatives, BMO
  • Beverly Horii, Principal, IA Interior Architects


Darryl Wright, Associate Partner, Talent and Future of Work Lead - People Advisory Services, EY

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