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A special summer SIG on the high cost of energy

Feeling the Heat… Spending More on Energy Than You Need To?

Extreme Weather is expected to again drive high-demand on electricity in the coming months, but it’s the legislated costs that will be burning manufacturers. Join EMC’s Energy Team and other EMC members, for a high level briefing and discussion on Current Energy Issues Affecting Manufacturers, including the expected direction of electricity and natural gas prices, updates on the GA, as well as other legislated and carbon costs, with a quick outlook on what manufacturers can expect in the coming months.


  • Introduction & Welcome, Energy Market Update
  • Natural Gas and Electricity Markets
  • Procurement Contracts – What to be aware of before signing anything
  • Update on Legislated Programs and Carbon
  • Global Adjustment Updates
  • New Federal Pricing / Going Carbon Neutral
  • Industry Roundtable / Discussion
  • Wrap-up / Closing Remarks

We have all seen our energy bills rise significantly. In the last year, natural gas prices, carbon tax, electricity and global adjustment costs have taken a huge bite out of our manufacturing bottom line. There are options.

This session will provide a high-level overview of current energy issues, opportunities, and what this means for manufacturers moving forward… while engaging a discussion with other manufacturers and EMC’s Energy Team… Canada’s only not-for-profit energy consortium for manufacturers.

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This session is available in English only.

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