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The Future is Green: What is Your Nonprofit Doing to Reduce Your Footprint?



Nonprofits and Social Enterprises across the country are looking for ways to go green, and for good reason. Sustainable practices can yield significant rewards, both for the environment and your organization. By greening your organization you can: save money by reducing waste and energy costs; lessen health and safety risks; attract environmentally conscious employees, volunteers, consumers and donors; and lead the community as environmental champions. 

The COVID crisis highlights the fault lines in our society, climate change being but one of them. As social impact organizations, how can we improve our environmental impact? In this workshop we will discuss and provide concrete ways your organization can reduce its carbon footprint by following some simple strategies, including;

  • Setting a baseline for your resource usage (water, waste and energy)

  • Picking sustainability projects to help reduce your usage

  • Telling your sustainability story to your followers

  • Specific project descriptions including how to:

    • Use energy more efficiently 

    • Retrofit to renewable energy systems 

    • Conserve water

    • Reduce, reuse and recycle - look for ways to use less in the office

    • Travel less - consider what transportation and work from home options could look like for staff and volunteers

    • Telecommute - how working from home reduces emissions

    • Green procurement policies - consider new sourcing 

    • Green your events

    • Engage employees in reduction activities at work and home

WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND? The time for climate action is now! Participants will walk away with a sustainability plan and draft budget. Skylar and Marianne will walk individuals through various project ideas (both physical changes and behavioural changes) and get people setup with 2-3 projects to work on for 2021. 

TARGET AUDIENCE: All nonprofit and social enterprise staff and/or volunteers who want to know more about how to reduce your impact on the environment and preserve natural resources.

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