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Game Slice 2020 Online



Game Slice 2020 Online is creating a virtual conference space that will allow your avatar to explore, interact, and speak with industry colleagues just like real life. We will be creating an interconnected environment of Mozilla Hubs on a backbone of Discord services for the best visual, audio, presentation and live lectures possible during this time of social distancing. We will also create a website for use during the event to provide easy to access shortcuts and video feeds of the event so that you can always be where you want to be.

Exhibitors will be allotted the standard “booth” space portion of a Hub room created for them to add objects, posters, and other assets or they can take things one step further and create their own Free Hubs environment. This gives them the freedom to be as creative as they like and use their own assets to create a personal space to interact with playtesters. (This is completely optional but a fun extra to consider. We just need the URL of your Hub space to integrate into our event map.)

New to 2020 we welcome presentations and interactive panels by speakers from Unity and Ubisoft. We also for the first time welcome student game projects to exhibit in their own mirrored Game Slice online track exactly like any other indie company. Our goal is to provide student groups with the opportunity to present their games to industry developers and each other, to receive valuable mentoring, and to allow professional developers to scout future talent.

We at the Game Slice team thank everyone for your continued support and participation in bringing game developers together to share their passion, work, and insight with each other. We continue to invite any developer from anywhere in the world to showcase their game.

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