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GreenMFG & CleanTech Adoption Report - Community Partner Briefing


EMC is extending special invitations to sector stakeholders and community partners, to join us for this special briefing, to share the report findings and opportunities to engage and adopt solutions in your community.

EMC recently launched its latest member initiative for 2024 – GreenMFG Network – kicking off a full schedule of sustainable manufacturing events throughout the year. The GreenMFG Network is part of EMC’s extensive Energy and Green Consortium, which includes Energy Supply & Procurement, Energy Efficiency and Green Manufacturing, and Energy Intelligence and Skills. 

As part of this effort, EMC released its 2024 Green Manufacturing and Clean Technology Adoption Report, an Industry Pulse review of Canada's manufacturing landscape and its journey towards sustainability. Developed by Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) and in collaboration with Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen), this report presents invaluable insights gleaned from extensive industry engagement and in-depth analysis.


Introduction & Overview EMC’s GreenMFG Network

2024 Green Manufacturing & CleanTech Adoption Report

  • Approach to Sustainability: Learn about industry’s approach towards Net Zero and the strategies and solutions needed to enhance green manufacturing capabilities;
  • Industry Pulse Survey Results: Senior manufacturing leader feedback on key challenges, priorities and opportunities for growth and transition to a sustainable manufacturing ecosystem;

Stakeholder and Community Partner Opportunities

  • Path Forward: Discover tools, resources and opportunities available to assist your efforts locally;
  • GreenMFG Network: Learn how you can participate and engage EMC’s network and resources, focused on supporting your local manufacturers transition to a low carbon, Net Zero economy – especially SMEs;
  • Green Manufacturing Capabilities: Understand how to empower manufacturers with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate the transition towards sustainability.

Discussion / Q & A 

To download a copy of the Green Manufacturing & Clean Tech Adoption report, please click here.


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