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How to Design Engaging and Effective Learning Experiences



This past year, many people worked hard to figure out how to shift programs and events  online that they were used to doing in person. In particular, organizations who were very familiar with holding face-to-face learning opportunities scrambled to quickly gain access to virtual platforms and redesign their sessions so they could continue to offer them to participants online.

The road to converting an event from face-to-face to online isn’t always straightforward for the uninitiated, but it’s perhaps not as complicated as people think. Sure, you have to acquire and figure out the technology (and practice, practice, practice!), but the basic principles of good learning design hold true no matter whether we’re creating workshops for in person or online. In this session, you’ll gain tips to help you get clear on  what designing effective events looks like in any mode.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Identify some of your beliefs about what effective learning looks like
  • Define the necessary elements to plan a structured and successful agenda
  • State concrete design strategies that work to engage participants in any mode
  • Indicate ways to gather feedback from participants and reflect on the experience


Program staff that are planning online opportunities including workshops, networking events, communities of practice and more. 


Beth Cougler Blom is a facilitator and learning designer who works with clients across all sectors to help them design and facilitate effective learning experiences and meetings. She has strong ties to community organizations, both through her current educational consulting work and through her past experience managing training at the volunteer centre in Victoria BC. She is the author of the newly published book, Design to Engage: How to Create and Facilitate a Great Learning Experience For Any Group. She can be reached through

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