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Launch Your Career in Canada with Confidence


An exclusive online event to help you boost your network with companies, receive immigration guidance, and much more!

Delve into the secrets of uncovering hidden job opportunities, master the art of networking with employers alongside industry professionals, and gain invaluable clarity on your immigration pathway, including essential steps for securing post-graduate work permits as an international student.

Dive deep into sessions on financial literacy in Canada, empowering you to navigate banking, taxes, and investments with ease. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to equip yourself for success and make lasting connections!

At Devant, we're dedicated to your success in the Canadian job market. Our workshops, online classes, AI tools, and personal coaching have helped over 48,000 international students.

Why should you attend it?

Explore Hidden Job Opportunities:

Uncover a plethora of job avenues and positions unknown to the public eye by learning more about the Canadian 'Hidden Job Market'. Our certified Career Coaches are going to help you navigate it! Learn How to Find the Canadian 'Hidden Job Market' and Build Professional Connections.

Network with Industry Leaders:

Connect directly with top employers and industry veterans who understand the value of international perspectives, boost your network with relevant contacts and raise your hiring chances.

Immigration Clarity:

Receive expert advice on navigating post-graduate work permits and permanent residency options to ensure your career has a strong foundation in Canada.

Financial Literacy:

Master your finances with sessions dedicated to understanding Canadian banking, taxes, and investment strategies—tailored for new graduates.


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Ashley Conyngham

Ashley Conyngham

Director, Marketing and Communications

  • I can share your local business news & events
  • Promote your tech or manufacturing jobs 
  • Collaborate with you on your industry event
  • Help your business reach new audiences
  • Provide communications support for your SME

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