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Leadership Panel



Understand the keys to effective leadership with our panel guests Connie Clerici, John Pollock, and Karen Wright.

About this event

This panel will provide participants with useful leadership skills applicable to entrepreneurial career paths. Our expert guests will share their expertise to enable individual and organizational greatness.


By the end of the session, participants will have gained an understanding of Leadership, allowing them to reflect on their own leadership style, how it fits into their entrepreneurial journey, and how to improve it for the betterment of their company, colleagues, and selves.


Our Speakers:

Connie Clerici, Executive Chair, Closing the Gap Healthcare.

John Pollock, MBA ('84) Western University, Consultant, London Economic Development Corporation.

Karen Wright, MBA ('84) Ivey Business School. Executive Coach & Managing Director, Parachute Executive Coaching.


This workshop will take place virtually using Zoom.

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