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LeClair & Associates Workplace Seminar: Lessons Learned as we Look Ahead



The world of work has evolved once more - with key developments following closely behind the global pandemic; a shift in societal preferences and the general approach to work; as well as the ever-increasing influence of technology in our daily lives and how we interact with one another as colleagues, and across the globe.

The shake-up of workplace management simply continues and is ushering in renewed opportunities, fresh legal obligations and ultimately, demands from us all a renewed consciousness in our approach to workplace issues, collaboration and people management. 

Please join us in breaking down the lessons learned from 2022, discovering solutions, uncovering risks and ultimately ensuring that your workplace is equipped for 2023. 

Ron, Ritesh, Ayushi and Nic will lead various conversations throughout the morning, covering discussions on the following:

Post-COVID considerations in the workplace:

  • The implications of the deemed IDEL ending
  • The continued availability of ordinary IDEL, when and for how long
  • Can/Should you continue to have a vaccine policy? What have the courts said have recently said about the Charter of Rights + Exemptions
  • Remote work and employee relocations to other provinces / countries - considerations
  • New employment contract language – lessons learned from the pandemic: layoff, recall, termination, health and safety compliance, restrictive covenants, vacation scheduling

Notable Case Law Developments

  • Terminations – strategies and lessons from the courts (mitigation, CERB, and statutory severance)
  • Weighing-in on “willful misconduct” – What’s the latest from the courts
  • Constructive dismissal claims – when may an employee lose the right to claim constructive dismissal
  • Impact of broken service on the common law notice period

Human Resources Management in the Digital Workplace

  • New Workplace Privacy, Monitoring and Disconnecting Requirements
  • Human Resources Critical Role in Cybersecurity
  • Emerging Technology and Trends that Will Impact the Post-Covid Workplace and Change Human Resources Management

Best Practices For Managing The New Workforce

  • The “Great Resignation”
  • “Quiet Quitting” in its various forms
  • Creating a Roadmap to untangle absenteeism, job protected leave, the duty to accommodation, WSIB, non-occupational injury and illness (including mental illness), wellness, sick leave and LTD

To attend, simply rsvp to Natalya Volkova on with the words “Attend”, your Name and Company. We look forward to seeing you there.


Four Points by Sheraton
1150 Wellington Road South
London Ontario
Bristol B/C Room

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