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Leveraging Collaborative Technology for Productivity and Connection



What Is Collaborative Technology? Collaborative technology refers to tools and systems designed to better facilitate group work, both in-office and remote. Collaboration technology has quickly become a necessity for organizations in every industry.  The ability to streamline communication and collaboration efforts between in-person and remote teams provides organizations with multiple benefits that can equate to greater success. 

Working in a collaborative environment isn’t just about getting more work done faster, but working together effectively, with people at the center. With the growing trend of hybrid work and employees striving for a flexible working environment, teams need to communicate, collaborate, and share ideas quickly and with purpose. How can you leverage the best technology to help you support your mission and do the work that is important to you?  

In this workshop you will learn about: 

  • Designing a collaborative culture 

  • A variety of tools including

    • Communication technology (email, messaging)

    • Conference technology (video conference, document sharing)

    • Coordination technology (calendars, project management)

  • Collaborating with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

  • Best practices when using collaborative technology 

LEVEL: Beginner-Intermediate 

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone and everyone who works with their team to get the work done. This workshop is great for anyone who does project management, plans events, or writes grant proposals with others, or just wants to learn what’s available beyond email and Zoom meetings.


Jonathan Clemens, Chief Operating Officer, rTraction

Jonathan works with clients to determine what their goals are, and how best to achieve them. From facilitating workshops, and helping clients develop and implement marketing strategies, his focus is on determining the authentic story of each of our clients, and how that translates to a digital medium. 

  • Decade of industry experience

  • Education in Communication Studies as well as Corporate Communications and Public Relations

About rTraction Canada, Inc. 

rTraction Canada, Inc. is a Certified B Corporation and award-winning digital services agency. 

Incorporated in July 2001, they started as a team of coders that built websites and applications to help clients get their messaging out. From early on, they worked alongside social purpose organizations (nonprofits, social enterprises, and for-profits that do good), helping those that provide impact to do what they do best while they focused on solving the technical problems, from hosting to websites to systems behind the scenes. Like any digital agency, they know their way around technology and believe in returning good value to their clients. 

Learn more about the work they do here:

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Ashley Conyngham

Ashley Conyngham

Director, Marketing and Communications

  • I can share your local business news & events
  • Promote your tech or manufacturing jobs 
  • Collaborate with you on your industry event
  • Help your business reach new audiences
  • Provide communications support for your SME

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