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London LeaderImpact Forum with Peter Hall



Just when we thought we were through the pandemic’s worst effects we have been broadsided with inflation, sharply higher interest rates, talk of imminent recession and wobbles in the banking sector. How do we put this all into context? Is there a way out? And where does faith come into our life-response to this event?

Peter Hall has over three decades of experience in domestic and international economic analysis and forecasting. As CEO of econosphere inc., he advises key Canadian corporations, consults on corporate projects, speaks at events across the continent, is a Fellow-in-Residence at the CD Howe Institute and writes occasionally in the Financial Post. He served as Export Development Canada’s Chief Economist for 13 years, providing economic and political risk research and analysis for the development of internal strategy, risk management, advising key transactions and also for EDCs extensive customer base. Peter has appeared frequently on radio and television over the years, commenting on the world economy and Canadian international trade issues.

Prior to his work at EDC, Mr. Hall directed the economic forecasting activities of the Conference Board of Canada. He has served as the president of the Canadian Association for Business Economics and as an advisor to multiple Ottawa-area charities.

Peter will answer some of the pressing questions that business leaders are currently asking. He will also share how his faith in God brings strength and gives meaning to both his professional and personal life.

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