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Monetizing ingenuity & protecting your intellectual property (IP)



Whether you are starting up a new venture or a small or medium sized company looking to grow your sales and offerings, everyone can benefit from understanding what makes their company unique and how to protect those advantages – even those that are hiding in plain sight.

We invite you to network with our panel and your fellow entrepreneurs for this interactive workshop where we will explore questions like:

  • How do I know if I have intellectual property (IP)?
  • How can I keep track of my IP?
  • Should I wait for my patent to be issued before launching my product?
  • How can I monetize my IP to support further commercialization?
  • What is my brand, and is it really reflected in my offerings?
  • Can I ever be done with commercialization?

Bring a few of your own questions for this engaging workshop.


  • 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM Networking Breakfast
  • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM Workshop


  • Jim Prendergast, PEng, Commercialization Specialist, Southern Ontario Network for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation


  • Jason Bates, London Region Manufacturing Council
  • Ishan Rastogi, Sr. Manager, Biotechnology Research Labs, CRI (The Centre for Research & Innovation at Fanshawe College)
  • Angel Sanchez Salas, Manager, Centre for Connected Building Technology, CRI (The Centre for Research & Innovation at Fanshawe College)
  • Dustin Blackall, General Manager, Arva Flour Mills
  • Dr. Souzan Armstrong, Executive Director, WORLDiscoveries

Southern Ontario Network for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation (SONAMI)

SONAMI is a Niagara College-led network of post-secondary institutions, who, through their respective Research and Innovation Centres, collaborate with small- and medium-sized companies to tackle their manufacturing-related challenges. We conduct projects that provide innovative solutions, such as process optimization, designing and testing prototypes, evaluating new technologies, and developing and commercializing new or improved products. SONAMI leverages faculty, students, and state-of-the-market equipment, together with funding from the Federal Government, to support manufacturing in Canada. Fanshawe College is a SONAMI network member.

The Southern Ontario Network for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation (SONAMI) is funded by FedDev Ontario, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON).

Fanshawe College (The Centre for Research and Innovation)

The Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) is Fanshawe College’s Research Office and Industry Innovation Centre (IIC). CRI links industry, business and community partners with Fanshawe student and faculty researchers to develop research and innovation projects and programs, and serves as the College’s liaison to external funders.

Directions to the event:

Address: SC 1000 - FSU Student Centre, 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd, London, ON, N5Y 5R6

Room Location: FSU Student Centre is located behind J Gyms.

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