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Pitching Your Story to the Media by Small Business Centre



When you read newspaper and magazine, do you ever wonder where the story ideas came from, and why a certain business or topic is being featured?

Editors and publications are inundated with story ideas on a daily basis, and there are a number of reasons why certain ones are chosen and others are ignored.

Attend this 2-hour interactive workshop to learn:

· The elements of a good story pitch

· Information to include in your media release

· How to identify publications that are a good fit for your business story

· Tips for working with the media to pitch your story idea


Presented by Kym Wolfe

She began pitching stories as a freelance writer in 2003. Since then Kym has written more than 800 articles for local and national magazines and newspapers, and dozens more that have been published online. Kym is an engaging presenter who garners consistently positive audience reviews. Workshop participants describe her as interesting, informative, on topic, and relevant.


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Ashley Conyngham

Ashley Conyngham

Director, Marketing and Communications

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