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Product Management Peer-2-Peer | Failing Fast in Agile Product Development



We are used to thinking about the word “failure” as a negative. But what if we could instead see failure as a healthy sign of innovation in your Product Management strategy?

In an Agile culture, you can be daring in innovation, while still being “fast” enough to not invest too much time into new features, and recognizing and responding quickly when those features turn out to be “failures” with your customers.

Let’s talk about how “failing fast” can be a huge strength if it’s done well!


Mark Chalmers | Assoc. Software Delivery Manager, Canada Life

Speaker Bio:

Mark has over 22 years of experience in the High Tech sector, functioning over the years as a Software Developer, Director of Development, Technical Architect, CEO, CTO and Product Owner. Mark has been the Product Owner for many enterprise software products that have launched London businesses that are still successfully operating. Products include an eCommerce Framework which allows developers to quickly create highly customized eCommerce stores, and a Software as a Service product that allows Law Enforcement professionals to search through billions of social media records to aid in criminal investigations. Mark has many years of Agile experience, including converting multiple companies into true Agile and DevOps shops. He currently works as an Application Delivery Manager at Canada Life.

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