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Richmond Row Concert Series



The Richmond Row Concert Series is here! 🎶🎸

Join us for bustling outdoor live street performances every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for the month of June!
Join London Arts Council performers at different Richmond hotspots for some local London tunes. Check out our instagram here to discover the musicians and locations of the week!

We can’t wait to see you there! 🎉

Month of June Schedule!

Performer Date Time Location
Solo – Andre Mafra Thurs June 2 12p-2pm Richmond + Piccadilly
Duo – Frank Reynoso + Leanne Mayer Fri June 3 11:30a-1:30pm Richmond + Mill
Trio – Farewell Stanleys Sat June 4 4pm-6pm Richmond and Albert
Solo – Lucy Morgan Thurs June 9 11:30a-1:30pm Richmond + Mill
Duo – Saveria Dioppolito Fri June 10 11:30a-1:30pm Richmond + Piccadilly
Trio – Asha Thorton + Rocky Chief + Frank Reynoso Sat June 11 4pm-6pm Richmond and Albert
Solo –  Marissa Campbell Thurs June 16  11:30a-1:30pm Richmond + Piccadilly
Duo – Marissa Campbell + Dawn Redskye Fri June 17 11:30a-1:30pm Richmond + Mill
Trio – Justin Maki Sat June 18 4pm-6pm Richmond and Albert
Solo – Laika Berdey Thurs June 22 11:30a-1:30pm Richmond and Albert
Duo – Connor Mcaffer Fri June 23 11:30a-1:30pm Richmond + Piccadilly
Trio – Lexian Brown + Amanda Movio + Shajo Shoray Sat June 24 4pm-6pm Richmond + Mill
Solo – Eve Thompson Thurs June 30 11:30a-1:30pm Richmond + Piccadilly

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