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Sales Foundation Boot Camp



In early and growth-stage companies, there are only two things that matter: building and selling. We teach the builders how to build. Why not teach sellers how to sell?

Complex sales are both an art and a science, and both can be taught. This boot camp is a compilation of the best-in-class concepts, strategies, processes, technologies and practices to grow sales at any organization. This boot camp was built in consultation with some of the most well-known high growth companies in existence today. Discover the cutting-edge tactics employed by companies like Salesforce, Shopify, Facebook, Google and Linkedin (tactics advertised as the driving force behind the companies’ financial successes and multi-billion-dollar valuations).

If you’re interested in starting a company, joining a start-up, or developing ‘intrapreneurial’ skills – then this boot camp is for you!

By completing this interactive boot camp you will become a better seller, leader, negotiator, and maybe even find a friend or cofounder!

About Our Boot Camp Leader: Eric Janssen

Eric Janssen is one part practitioner, one part educator. He has spent his entire career starting and growing companies in the music, security, and retail industries and has become obsessed with the art and science of sales and the impact that ‘getting it right’ can have on any organization. He’s travelled around the world (a few times over) but is a small-town guy at heart, not to mention a born-and-raised Canadian, which makes him really nice. Eric remains actively involved as an investor, advisor, and practitioner in the private sector, and his mission at Ivey is to distill the best practices of world-class entrepreneurs, as well as sales, marketing and growth experts to arm his students with the skills, habits and mindset to thrive in the new era of work.

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Ashley Conyngham

Ashley Conyngham

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