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SW Ont Consortium Virtual SIG - Automation Road Maps



An Automation Roadmap is a collaborative discovery process designed to build a proactive plan defining the path from current state towards an ideal future state.
The Automation Roadmap process serves to evaluate various aspects of your manufacturing processes and operations from a specific line, to a plantwide or enterprise-wide strategy . The ultimate result of this discovery evaluation is a detailed strategy outlining an agreed upon, ideal end state with recommendations and options for many aspects of plant operations to gain maximum efficiency and insure CAPEx longevity . The Road mapping process will present multiple conceptual designs and strategies to evolve from current state to the future state that align with the business goals and KPIs.

Automation Roadmaps also ensure you are enabled for modern manufacturing processes and can leverage IIoT and digitization technologies.
The most critical error that an organization typically makes is to minimize investment in front end planning and road mapping in the hopes of saving cost and/or shortening the timeline to completion. Road mapping ensures adequate discovery and strategy in making solid CAPEx investments ensuring proper life cycle cost considerations vs lowest cost asset purchase price to maximize overall investment impact. This also considers longer term strategies and making sure current asset investments are building blocks to longer term corporate goals. This session will be lead by EMC Member Gary McKenzie, Senior Applications Specialist at JMP Engineering, and will include time for Q & A.


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