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SW Ont EMC Consortium Virtual Session - Predictive Maintenance




Predictive Maintenance should be an end-to-end predictive solution including analytics. The objective of this session is to inform, educate and outline how you are able to make a predictive maintenance solutions work using A.I.  Understanding that monitoring critical assets by collecting and analyzing data, with the goals of reducing unplanned downtime and increasing productivity all while improving product quality is high on everyone's list.  This session will focus on making predictive maintenance scalable and attainable.


This session will be lead by topic experts & EMC Members Triton Innovation.


Key messages for participants will include:


  • Act now, demonstrate leadership, build the business case for Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0, and get started.
  • Data first! Digitization is from the past; predictive analytics and artificial intelligence is the future.
  • Industry 4.0 is all about people, process, and technology. Empower your operators and personnel with paperless human-machine interfacing and improve their productivity.
  • Think big, start small, and think ROI (return on investment). Take a systematic path to drive the right technology adoption, and scale your digital maturity.


RSVP: Jason Bates, EMC SW Ontario


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