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T2 CRA Taxation Requirements Incorporated Small Business by Small Business Centre



This webinar will provide small Incorporated Businesses with a general overview of the relationship between business and taxation. The Liaison Officer T2 tax webinar targets newer small businesses or potential new start-ups. It also allows the opportunity to speak directly to a representative from the CRA to ask any questions you might have concerning business issues.

This 2-hour webinar will discuss the following:

  • Common tax errors, what causes them and how to avoid them
  • HST and Payroll
  • Financial benchmarks for relevant industries
  • Information on the CRA’s online services
  • General bookkeeping concepts and best practices

The T2 Webinar also discusses matters specific to incorporated businesses, such as taxable benefits.

Please do not register if you reside outside of London/Middlesex, Ontario, Canada.

Presented by the Canada Revenue Agency Liaison Officer

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Ashley Conyngham

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