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TechAlliance: Mining for innovation – Masterclass with James Hayes



Learn how to continuously innovate through James’ entrepreneurial odyssey


TechAlliance brings an opportunity to embark on a transformative journey with James Hayes, CEO and Co-Founder of Cyber Legends, a game-based learning platform that educates children on cyber safety. Explore the depths of entrepreneurship as Hayes shares insights garnered from his prolific career. From pioneering ventures like Mobials Inc. to the inception of Cyber Legends, Hayes' narrative resonates with innovation and success.

Discover the secrets to identifying niche markets, leveraging innovative strategies, and transforming ideas into thriving businesses. This masterclass is perfect for entrepreneurs looking for their next idea, scaling companies looking to build their next product, corporations looking to innovate in the changing world, or anyone with a passion for growth and learning!

Join us for an enriching experience that will fuel your entrepreneurial spirit and propel you towards business excellence.


About the speaker:

James Hayes, a prominent entrepreneur, has founded and scaled innovative businesses. As Co-Founder and CEO of Cyber Legends Inc., he leads a game-based learning platform teaching children about cyber safety. His leadership guides Cyber Legends to address a global need in children's cybersecurity education. Previously, James co-founded Mobials Inc., now AutoVerify, significantly impacting the automotive industry. With diverse roles in business innovation, he has the ability to drive business innovation across different sectors. James holds an MBA from the Ivey Business School at Western University, which underpins his strategic approach to business development and innovation.

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