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TechAlliance: TechConnect for Newcomer Talent



Presented by TechAlliance of Southwestern Ontario, in partnership with WILL Immploy, YMCA of Southwestern Ontario, London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership, Ahria Consulting, and Knighthunter.

Join us for TechConnect for Newcomer Talent, where tech professionals new to Canada and leading local companies come together for an evening of networking and opportunity.

For employers: Connect with globally educated and experienced professionals in the tech sector. Discover fresh talent, boost innovation possibilities, and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Showcase your venture, strengthen community presence, and empower the future of your company.

For job seekers: Network with top London employers, with a variety of desirable tech roles, eager to find new talent from around the world. Discover new opportunities, exchange ideas, and explore potential career paths in Southwestern Ontario. Join an evening of learning and networking that could reshape your career trajectory in Canada.

Don't miss this chance to expand your network and explore exciting career prospects in the thriving tech ecosystem of this region. Secure your spot now and let TechConnect pave the way for your future success — at no cost!

We are proud of our vibrant community, and we love to celebrate it. Please note that during TechAlliance programs and events, we may capture moments through photographs and videos to showcase on our TechAlliance digital platforms, in print materials, and across our social networks. Rest assured, we will not sell your photographs, but we may share them with media outlets and our valued partner organizations.

By participating in any TechAlliance event, you grant us the consent to photograph and film you, and to use your image or likeness as we see fit in alignment with TechAlliance's vision and mission.

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Ashley Conyngham

Ashley Conyngham

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