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TechAlliance: Your Export Journey | A Masterclass



If you’re looking to expand your business horizon and grow in the international markets, this masterclass will help you see through a global lens. The masterclass is led by export advisor, Steven Karpenko.

Learn more about export legalities, the effects of taxation systems, and financial understanding as an essential tool to consider key elements for talent acquisition, setting up an office space abroad, and shipping products in the global market.

The topics covered will also help you to get an insight into the implications of sales tax, shipping freight, and import duties that assist in expansion in the international markets.

About the speaker:

Steven Karpenko is a Senior Export Advisor for the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade. Steven uses his experience as a technology entrepreneur and five-plus years in the Ministry’s Export Programs Branch to prepare small- and medium-sized businesses for exporting to global markets. Steven is also an adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Bishop’s University, has an MBA from York University in Toronto, and is a Certified International Trade Professional.

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