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What’s to Come in 2023: Emerging HR Trends


Over the last year, we continued to see increasing statistics and trends related to employee stress, retention, and engagement. For example:

  • Only 33% of employees are engaged at work;
  • 50% of employees experience daily stress; and
  • 64% of professionals are somewhat or extremely likely to leave their employer in 2023 if there aren’t enough opportunities for skills development.

The new year brings a number of new challenges for employees and HR managers, including a looming recession, mass layoffs, and new concepts like quiet quitting and rage applying. If these issues are not addressed effectively and proactively, these statistics may only worsen. This year, it’s critical for organizations to prioritize areas that will reduce employee burnout and increase engagement and retention.

Join us for this webinar as we discuss:

  • Implementing wellness strategies to improve employee wellbeing and business outcomes;
  • How to increase retention and engagement with upskilling; and

Ways automation can help HR professionals manage distributed workforces with more ease and less burnout.

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