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Workers Health & Safety: Onboarding and Workplace Postings



Let WSPS guide you in the development of your onboarding program to keep your new and young workers safe!

The law specifies certain minimum health and safety information that you must post in the workplace and make available to all employees. Get access to the full list of documents (including legislation, posters, policies, procedures, contact information and more) that you must include to meet your posting requirements, training, and injury reporting requirements with strategies to aid workers in returning to safe and suitable work. Let WSPS (Workplace Safety & Prevention Services) guide you in the development of your onboarding program to keep your new and young workers safe!

The WSIB will join us to showcase the Health and Safety Excellence program as a bonus! The HSE program helps you make your workplace safer while earning rebates on your WSIB premiums. Through the WSIB’s program, you can reduce the risk of injuries and illnesses and lessen their impact on your business when they occur; improve your business’s reputation by showing your commitment to health and safety; and boost employee confidence, morale, and productivity.

If you’re a smaller business (1-99 full-time employees), you can earn double the rebates on your annual WSIB premiums, plus $1,000 toward your health and safety plan, this year. No matter the size of your business – whether you're just getting started or want to build on safety practices you already have in place – one of our WSIB-approved program providers will help you every step of the way.


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Shawn Chadwick is an account Representative with Workplace Safety & Prevention Services with over 10 years of, Account Representative with Workplace Safety & Prevention Services experience in the following sectors: manufacturing, agriculture, fishery, food processing, health care, retail, government, and service industries. He guides health and safety requirements to meet compliance with regulatory and organizational needs and ensure worker health and safety.​ As a continuous learner, Shawn holds his Occupational Health and Safety Certification and Business Administration: Human Resources Diploma and is currently working towards his Canadian Health and Safety Professional designation.

Adrian Varao, from Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).


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