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Brands are a HUMAN thing

Tuesday, December 14, 2021 - 16:21

When you hear the word human you naturally think of a person, a connection or even a feeling but right here in London Ontario, Human is a branding and CX design consultancy. 

Formerly Hallmc, Human provides strategic and creative services designed to make established brands more successful by connecting the promise they make in their marketing with the experience they deliver through their employees. Human is home to an experienced, passionate and enthusiastic team that has an enviable track record of successfully rebranding tired or unfocused brands - internally and externally - and setting them on the path to growth. 

It is their proprietary approach that Nick Hall, Director of Brand Strategy, says makes them unique. For him, giving the client’s brand a stronger voice at the boardroom table is critical to their long-term success, especially as companies emerge from the chaos of the pandemic. “We create brand transformation playbooks for our clients that describe how their brand can organically evolve to become more meaningful to their ideal customers and more purposeful to their employees.  

Human endeavors to re-define, re-align, and re-invigorate established brands. They ‘scrape the barnacles off the boat’, clarify the brand’s core, and then provide the knowledge, tools and support that the client requires in order to carry out the plan that will refortify their position in the marketplace. 

Aram Arslanian, Founder, President & CEO of Cadence Leadership and Communication says, "The people at Human were able to get to the very core of what it is that makes us unique and meaningful. They helped us present it in a way that is true to our character and impactful to our audience."  

As a business you may have lost touch with your brand, especially since the pandemic. And if you’ve lost touch with it, your customers and employees have also. Now is the time to revisit your brand and the experience it delivers so that it becomes an active contributor to your short and longer-term business objectives.  


Your brand deserves the Human touch.  


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Ashley Conyngham

Ashley Conyngham

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