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Canadian Medical Hall of Fame 2003 Inductees Named

The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame (CMHF), in association with the Canadian Medical Association and Canadian Medical Foundation, announced today six new inductees for 2003:

Dr. William Howard Feindel In the categories of Clinical Medicine and Builder in Medicine for Epilepsy Research and Neuroscience. Feindel was Director of the Montreal Neurological Institute from 1972 to 1984.

Dr. Charles H. Hollenberg In the categories of Applied Medical Research, Builder in Medicine and Clinical Medicine. Hollenberg, an Endocrinologist, was instrumental in reshaping the Ontario Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation into Cancer Care Ontario and Cancer Care International.

Dr. J. Fraser Mustard In the categories of Applied Medical Research and Builder in Medicine for Platelet Physiology and Thrombosis Research. Mustard is a founding member of the McMaster University Medical School, founding President of Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIAR) and is currently involved in Early Childhood Development.

Dr. Donald O. Hebb In the category of Basic Research for Neuropsychology. Hebb began his career as a school teacher and principal in the Montreal area and later became a renowned researcher in the relationship between mind and brain, especially in educational methods.

Dr. Charles B. Huggins In the category of Applied Medical Research. Huggins was a Urologist who undertook extensive research on prostate cancer. He was a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1966.

Sainte Marguerite d'Youville In the category of Builder in Medicine. A widow at 26, D'Youville became a "Mother of Universal Charity" dedicating her life to helping the unfortunate. She was founder of the "Grey Nuns" Sisters of Charity of Montreal.

"We are pleased to add the names and achievements of these honourable Canadians to the roster of Canadian heroes in our museum," said Betsy Little, Executive Director of the Hall of Fame.

CMHF induction celebrations are held every 18 months, each recognizing the excellence of distinguished Canadian citizens and medical scientists for their outstanding contributions to the health sciences.

The awards may be granted for a single meritorious contribution or a lifetime of superior accomplishment in one or more of the following categories:

Applied Medical Research The application of medical scientific discovery by means of technological innovation and/or delivery systems for the promotion of health and prevention of disease.
Basic Research Biomedical, biological or other scientific research that has relevance to the understanding of disease and/or advancement of health care.
Builder in Medicine Leadership by an individual in the creation of an institution, program, academic discipline, or group of co-workers, which over the long term has endured to the benefit of medical science in Canada.
Clinical Medicine Medical practice or clinical investigation in a variety of disciplines including (but not limited to) family medicine, internal medicine, general surgery, subspecialities of medicine and surgery, public health, epidemiology, and laboratory medicine.

The six new inductees will be formally recognized on May 22, 2003, at a gala dinner in London, Ontario. The Hall of Fame expects nearly 800 guests from across Canada to visit London for the event. In other years, CMHF induction celebrations have been held in Ottawa, Ontario, and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame is a registered charitable organization that celebrates discovery and innovation in medical science with a goal to raise awareness of Canada's rich medical history.

Through educational programs, The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame encourages young people to pursue careers in the health sciences, fostering future generations of medical heroes.

More information on the inductees is available on The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame website.

Contact: Catherine Riddell, Communications Officer
The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
Phone: 519-663-3087 or 519-858-2284

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