Celebrating Economic Development Week in London, Ontario

Economic Development Week (EDW), created by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) in 2016, is a nationwide campaign running from May 8-13, 2017. EDW consists of online activities designed to highlight the importance of economic development activities. To learn more about the IEDC’s EDW campaign and to get involved, please visit the National Economic Development week home page.

The goal of EDW is to increase awareness for local programs that create jobs, advance career development opportunities, and increase the quality of life. This year, the London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) wants to spread the word about economic development here in London, Ontario and raise awareness for local programs, services, and more that have a positive economic impact. Below you will find some information about a handful of supports, facts, and resources that are driving London’s economy forward.


Programs & Initiatives

From startup supports for food and beverage processors, to a business series for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), the LEDC has partnered with local business and educational organizations to offer programs, workshops, events and skills-building opportunities for local businesses to help them grow and thrive:

  • Business Momentum Series: Hands-on sessions for SMEs in London on topics such as performance management, full-cycle recruitment, communications, digital marketing and leadership. Piloted in 2015, the LEDC and Fanshawe College’s Corporate Training Solutions will host a total of 7 workshops in 2017. Check them out and register for free on Eventbrite.

  • London INC. Launched in early 2016, London INC. is a one-stop portal to support entrepreneurs and new ventures in London designed to create growth opportunities, collaborations, and make some noise about entrepreneurship. It provides access to capital, development and training, mentorship programs, and a network of companies dedicated to helping startups succeed. Visit the portal and get started on the right foot today.

  • Food and Beverage Programs with the London Small Business Centre: Multi-phase food and beverage programming to support entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector. The series of workshops and seminars provide expertise to help people understand the unique challenges of starting a food business, such as branding, regulatory requirements, and technology required. Close to 50 SME’s attended these workshops in 2016. Stay tuned for more upcoming workshops.

  • Economic Road Map: A five year strategy intended to serve as a catalyst for maximizing economic success across our community. It identifies local strengths, weaknesses , prioritizes economic opportunities and presents an action plan to maximize economic success. A comprehensive plan undertaken by the City of London in partnership with the London Chamber of Commerce and the LEDC.

  • London Tech Jobs: Giving jobseekers access to hiring technology companies and their job postings, as well as community resources within London’s growing digital creative sector. Thousands of jobseekers and employers are introduced to London Tech Jobs every year at career fairs, through social media and outreach efforts. It is a valued resources for those looking to accelerate their career in London’s technology industry, and for employers looking to gain additional exposure and find the talent they need. Over 1,000 jobs alone were filled in the tech sector in 2016 - are you looking or hiring? Visit the portal.

  • London & Area Works: A website portal launched by the LEDC and local partners to better provide job seekers with resume advice, job searching tips, and local career opportunities. The resource also consists of weekly video segments, highlighting growing and hiring companies in the London region, as well as job fairs. Two job fairs were held in 2016, with two in 2017. Visit the portal on CTV London’s website and stay tuned for more information about the next job fair.

Raising London’s Profile

The LEDC builds positive economic dialogue within the city of London through sharing London’s business news and successes, as well as facts and information about arts, culture, history and entertainment. The balance between what London has to offer in regards to working, living, learning, and playing helps to market London as a vibrant city with high quality of life. Some ways the LEDC is engaging people about London are:

  • The London Magazine: In 2016, the LEDC launched the second version of the London Magazine and has circulated over 20,000 copies of the publication to more than 170 Canadian cities and 36 different countries. It’s a free resource and tool for businesses, non-profits, investors, tourism agencies, and residents to learn more about London, Ontario and share our city’s story. It showcases a holistic picture of what it’s like to live and work in London. You can browse the magazine virtually and order it for free on our website.

  • Digital & Traditional  Marketing: Reaching new audiences within London, across Canada and around the world through social media and digital advertising. The LEDC has five social media platforms that speak to different audiences, which combined saw over 2,900,000 impressions in 2016.

  • Awards & Recognitions: In 2016 the LEDC received eight awards and recognitions for various economic initiatives which have helped to raise London’s profile in international markets. Recent recognitions include ranking in the Top 10 for fDi strategy and business friendliness in fDi Magazine’s American Cities of the Future 2017/18.

  • Facts & Stats: Highlighting the economic impact of London’s various sectors through sharing facts, statistics and information locally and beyond. It helps highlight growth, such as London’s booming digital creative sector that is now 300 companies and 9,000 employees strong, as well as the impact of arts and culture industries - which has over 1,200 businesses employing 7,700+ people, with an impact of $530 million annually

Collaborative Support

Many local organizations are working together to build a better community through economic development services. London has a network of supports, including The City of London, the London Small Business Centre, Tourism London, Downtown London, the London Chamber of Commerce, TechAlliance, and the LEDC.

You can learn more about these supports and discover other local resources on our website.


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